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Our thatched gazebo canopies and cabanas are a great idea for the outdoors and your backyard, they will give you shade and create an elegant tropical ambiance.

All our pool canopies and cabanas are designed with ease of installation in mind. Do It Yourself (DIY) gazebo building kits are available, we provide you with detailed instructions of How to Build a gazebo and How to install our premium Thatch roof on the gazebos, canopies or cabana of your choice.

Gazebo Ideas:
Use our synthetic thatch to cover your existing gazebo roof, to renovate a patio cabana or to cover a garden pergola.
Thatched roof gazebos and canopies are also a great solution to cover your patio furniture

PDMUSA signature line of Gazebos, Canopies and Cabanas are the preferred choice of Hotels and resorts around the world and along the coasts.
To Build a Thatched roof Pool Gazebo or a Beach Canopy is easy, and affordable.
We can make a custom Pool or Beach thatched gazebo adapted to your particular needs and size requirements.
Gazebo Styles:
Many of our signature Gazebo, canopy , cabana and palapa structures are designed to be both portable and sturdy without compromising the elegant look that distinguishes us.
Every custom gazebo, canopy or cabana is made to order. We have an experienced craftsmanship team of architects, designers and carpenters working on each project.

All Weather Gazebo, Canopy and Cabana:
We use Only premium Synthetic thatch on our structure, graded for commercial use, Our thatch roofing material is water proof and offers a 20 year warranty from the manufacturer that make of our designs resistant to all weather .
Cedar Gazebos, our primary wood of choice:
Because its many properties, Cedar (Red Western Cedar) is the wood we choose to manufacture our structures due to its exceptional conductivity, aroma, durability, acoustic properties, density, and flame spreading ratio, which means it is resistant to fire.
Our specialty are Tropical Thatched and African Thatched gazebos, canopies and cabanas a signature Tiki Thatched roof that will last for years; unlike the natural thatch you don’t need to replace the synthetic thatch every couples of years and is virtually maintenance free.