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So….What’s a Palapa?

A Palapa definition in Spanish is the name that natives give to an open side dwelling structured that is covered generally with dry palm leaves or Thatch.
When talking about this particular structure, we’ve heard lots of different names- tiki huts, grass hut, thatched huts and cabanas. Other Spanish words used for Palapas are Churuata, Bohio, Caney, and rancho.
A palapa can be of different sizes and shapes- the purpose of this open structure is to give shade, shelter and a fresh dwelling that will allow air to circulate while offering protection from the sun and rain.
Most palapas are round structures with a single wood pole for support, and people usually confuse them with a thatch umbrella. The difference is that an umbrella is a portable item that you can open and close, and needs a heavy base to keep it from blowing with the wind. A Palapa, on the other hand, is a more robust and sturdy structure, that anchors to concrete, sand or soil, by installing it in ground or with a metal base anchored to concrete.
Under a single- or double-pole palapa you can have a table or a bar, and it does not fold up or down.
Palapa kits for a Do It Yourself (DIY) palapa can be purchased in several different sizes- check out our Ocean Palapa and Breeze Palapa. Easy to put together and made only with premium materials, we will ship it to your home ready to assemble with detailed instructions. If you are in the DFW area in Texas, we’ll even install it for free!