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Why Synthetic Thatch

Welcome to the online home of My Thatch Roof and Palmas Del Mundo USA; we are worldwide suppliers and distributors of Synthetic thatch- also known as Artificial Thatch, Plastic Thatch or Fake Thatch.
But what is a synthetic thatch roof material? And why use it instead of natural palm thatch, African thatch or straw thatch?
Thousands of years ago, Aborigines used natural thatch roofing materials, such as palm tree leafs, grass, cane reeds, straw thatch on their shelters to protect themselves from the elements. Natural thatched roof cottages and thatched roof houses have provided shelter to mankind for centuries. As the human evolves, so does his construction methods, nevertheless the nostalgic appearance of traditional y thatched roofs still appeals to many and It’s associated with a simple and relaxed lifestyle.
Nothing beats the look of a real thatched roof. The sight of a palm thatched tiki hut on a white sand beach is an almost universal symbol of vacations and holidays; not to mention a thatch roofed cottage or gazebo by the lake or the mountain evokes quiet and happier times… But are they?
The reality is that real palm thatch and grass thatch roofing are high maintenance and bring many inconveniences and disadvantages:

  • Real thatch panels are highly flammable during the dry season and need to be sprayed with fire retardant chemicals to comply with fire department ordinances; these chemicals are harmful to animals and can contaminate the environment.
  • A thatched house will likely attract rodents and insects and will need to be fumigated periodically.
  • Natural thatching material creates the perfect environment for mold proliferation and in some cases can become a health hazard.
  • Every few years a natural thatched roof needs to be replaced and can easily fly away and disintegrate in a storm or hurricane.
  • The high cost of thatched roof insurance needs to be taken into serious consideration.

Because of the large amount of palm fronds needed to supply the vast amount of natural palm thatch used by the hospitality industry supplies of thatch-producing palm trees are dwindling around the world and in some countries cutting down palm trees has already been prohibited.
Synthetic Thatch roofing material like Plastic Thatch Shingles, PVC Reed panels and plastic thatch tiles have emerged as a solution to address all these problems and fulfill a need that otherwise would have created an environmental inbalance in the planet.
We at Palmas Del Mundo USA and MyThatchRoof.com are proud to have chosen a synthetic palm thatch and artificial reed roofing product to wholesale and distribute that is 100% waterproof and almost identical looking to real thatch for use with our exclusive line of Beach / pool canopies & tiki huts.
Please visit our “Green Info” and “Why Palmex?” Pages for more information about the advantages, and the Return On Investment (ROI) of using our products.