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Tiki Huts

Ever wished you had a tiki bar at home? Palmas Del Mundo brings elegance and ease to your tiki decoration needs.

With the best tiki thatching material and supplies currently in the market, Palmas Del Mundo delivers a high-end exclusive line of tiki huts, umbrellas and roof thatching.

Inspired by the Polynesian and Hawaiian roofing tradition and decoration that was made popular in America by the end of World War II, Tiki thatch roofs and designs are also used along the coasts of Mexico and the Caribbean. Use it and re-use it- our synthetic thatch material looks just like real palm leaves from a few feet away, can be installed on a patio, tiki bar or umbrella and it’s guaranteed to stay there for many years and provide protection for any structure that it covers. In fact, this material is so weather resistant that you can use it on your portable tiki bars and structures.
Our tiki thatch roof is easy to install, and since it’s water proof and carries a 20-year warranty, it has never been so easy to create a tiki bar at home!
For a more traditional and elegant tiki-style umbrella or gazebo, visit our small structures section. There you will find an easy to build tiki umbrella with a 36” or 42” table- great to use in your tiki pool parties this summer. Or build a tiki hut palapa just like the one you slept under in your last Cancun vacation.
Everything looks different when you see it through the palm leaves under the shade of a tiki hut. Transform your patio or backyard today with our line of outdoor tiki furniture, tiki huts and umbrellas. Also visit our tiki thatch roof section to find out more about the synthetic tiki thatch most used by hotels and resorts around the world.