My Thatch Roof has partnered up with The Angarita Crafted Co. To bring you a premium line of grilling planks. 

4-Pack Cedar Grilling Planks

4-Pack Cedar Grilling Planks



Located in Frisco Texas, we produce some of the best cedar planks for grilling in the world.  

If you like grilling, outdoor cooking, and are looking for something to take taste to the next level, you have to give our cedar grilling planks a try. Compared to the taste of maple planks, or mesquite planks for grilling, the cedar wood grilling planks have an unbeatable flavor.  The key is in simplicity. Before launching our grilling planks, we sat down to figure out how we can differentiate ourselves from the competition, and provide the most value for people who love backyard grilling. We found that by keeping the design simple and practical, we can focus on selection. Our cedar planks are handcrafted, and hand selected to ensure we use only the finest Red Western Cedar wood.

These cedar planks for cooking, are also commonly known as BBQ planks, Maple planks, grill boards, cedar boards, wood planks, and salmon planks. We are committed to carrying other lines of flavors in the future such as mesquite, maple, and other woods plank flavors, but for now want to focus on spreading the undeniably mouthwatering taste of the cedar wood cooking planks. 

Homemade Suggestions

Try adding wine or vinegar when soaking the planks for some extra flavoring. We also recommend not mixing meats, by using only one plank for seafood, and a separate plank for chicken or red meats. 


1647 Witt Rd., Ste # 102

Frisco, TX 75036