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My Thatch Roof has partnered up with The Angarita Crafted Co. To bring you a premium line of grilling planks. 


Located in Frisco Texas, we produce some of the best cedar planks for grilling in the world.  

If you like grilling, outdoor cooking, and are looking for something to take taste to the next level, you have to give our cedar grilling planks a try. Compared to the taste of maple planks, or mesquite planks for grilling, the cedar wood grilling planks have an unbeatable flavor.  The key is in simplicity. Before launching our grilling planks, we sat down to figure out how we can differentiate ourselves from the competition, and provide the most value for people who love backyard grilling. We found that by keeping the design simple and practical, we can focus on selection. Our cedar planks are handcrafted, and hand selected to ensure we use only the finest Red Western Cedar wood.

These cedar planks for cooking, are also commonly known as BBQ planks, Maple planks, grill boards, cedar boards, wood planks, and salmon planks. We are committed to carrying other lines of flavors in the future such as mesquite, maple, and other woods plank flavors, but for now want to focus on spreading the undeniably mouthwatering taste of the cedar wood cooking planks. 

Homemade Suggestions

Try adding wine or vinegar when soaking the planks for some extra flavoring. We also recommend not mixing meats, by using only one plank for seafood, and a separate plank for chicken or red meats. 

Grilling Plank

Commonly asked questions for cooking with grilling planks:

How To Grill With Cedar Planks

How to use wood planks for grilling :  

When cooking with wooden planks, it is important to remember that the planks must be soaked completely in water for 35-60 Minutes prior to placing them on the grill. Having the cooking planks completely submerged in water for that period of time keeps them from catching fire on the grill, while preserving the woods richness of flavor. 

Once soaked and ready, cook your meat as you regularly would, to about 85% of your desired cooked level, and then let the meat finish cooking to 100% of your desired style on the plank. 

The flavor the cedar grilling boards leave on the meat in incredible. Try One!

What Can You Cook On Cedar Planks 

Cooking on top of wooden boards or planks has been around for ages, but is recently becoming a mainstream fine-dining, at home practice to bring a little smokey flavor into the mix. What can you cook with cedar planks? Just about anything you want. Most of the cooking will be done directly on the grill, but topped off on the grilling board for flavor.

Crowd favorites are shrimp, scallops, salmon and fajita meat, but you can cook fish, chicken, and meat, as well as vegetables or anything else you want to add flavor to. 


If you havent tried planks for grilling in the past, you will absolutely love the mouthwatering taste. Order Your First Pack Straight To Your Door!  

Where Can I Buy Cedar Grilling Planks

Our world-class and affordable cedar grilling planks include mess free wax paper so you can take your food straight from the grill to the table mess-free, and comes in a pack of 4. Click Here To Shop Now  

Where To Buy Cedar Planks For Grilling Salmon

The mouthwatering taste of cedar is something that takes cooking salmon to the next level. Our hand selected cedar planks are in high demand amongst fine dining restraunts and chefs around the world. Welcome home that chef status taste when you try cooking salmon at home. We like to add garlic, butter, and lots of lime. Our planks come in a family 4 pack with mess free wax paper so you can go straight from the grill to the table. Get yours today!

How To Grill With Cedar Planks

Soak the planks completely in water for 35-60 minutes, then place them directly on the grill, and finish the cooking of your meat on the planks. You should place the meat on the plank when it's roughly 85% cooked.  

How To Cook And Grill Salmon on Cedar Plank

Grilling with cedar planks is an art. But it's more like coloring book art - super easy. follow the short instructions on your packaging which simply include soaking the planks for 35-60 minutes, adding whatever flavor you desire to your soak, and placing your meat on the plank when its about 85% ready to finish its cook on the wooden cooking board/plank.   

How To Grill With Wood

Grilling with would has been around for ages and is considered a practice art amongst grilling fanatics. The object of the game is to maintain the foods juices and moister while filling its pores with smoked richness of the wood. Mesquite, cedar, and maple cooking boards are the most common woods used for cooking. Cedar is our favorite, and our specialty, for its rivals do not compare. 

Detailed instruction on how to use our cedar grilling boards can be found above, and to order your first batch, click here! 

We recommend never using your cedar grilling planks more than 2-3 times. When cleaning your grilling board, remember not to add any soaps or cleaners. The toxins could be absorbed in the wood and then later transmitted into your food. The best way is the old fashion way. Simple hand wash your planks in water to remove any food remains. 

Order your first batch, click here! 

How Long To Cook Salmon On Plank

We recommend cooking your salmon nearly 85% of the way before placing it on the salmon cooking plank.​

Order the number on rated cooking board in America, here! 

How To Grill Fish On Cedar Planks

There is something special about cooking fish, shrimp, and scallops on the wood cooking planks​. Seafood seems to absorb the taste in a way that never feels over powering when eating. Fish should be cooked to about 85% of the desired level, then place on the plank under fire to absorb the taste and finish cooking the fish to perfection. 

Order your first batch, click here! 

How To Cook Meat on Plank

When grilling on the boards, place the meat directly on the cedar board after cooking it almost completely. The wood gives it its taste, not its cook. Allow the meat to finish on the planks, and taste the perfection absorbed by the meat. ​

Order your first batch, click here! 

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