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MTR's Rio synthetic thatch is used all around the world in both the residential and hotel sectors. The Rio Thatch was designed with the capacity to be installed on ANY type of pre-existing, or hardroof structure. As official distributors, our patented thatch design is 100% water-proof, U.V. protected, tested to withstand 160MPH wind resistance, and has quickly become the leading choice for synthetic thatch roof material, for thatch projects all over the world. Perfect for the resort and hospitality indusrty, our artificial thatch is made of a zero-maintenance plastic compound made with zero environmental impacts. 


- 20-Year warranty 

- 72 Panels Per Bundle 

- 96 SF Area coverage 

- Fire retardant version 

- Certifications Available 



Fire Retardant Rio Synthetic-Thatch Bundle (96 SF Coverage)

  • One bundle of Rio Thatching Includes:

    • Coverage of 96 sq.ft 
    • 72 Panels Per Bundle 
    • Installation Instructions Included 
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