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My Thatch Roof in Frisco, Texas is the leading expert in replacing your natural thatch tiki-huts with maintenance free, 20-year warranty artificial thatch. Get a quote to replace your natural thatch today! Our team will travel, repair and prepare your tiki-roof structure, before installing our 50-year lifespan, leading, synthetic thatching alternative.

We replace the natural thatch found on tropical structures in beachfront hotels around the world. Over the last 25 years in business, My Thatch Roof has replaced the natural thatch on over 500 tiki-island kitchens all over Texas, and thatch palapas throughout the Caribbean, Polynesian islands, and beyond. 

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Replace My Natural Thatch

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How Replacing Your Natural Thatch with A Longer-Lasting Alternative Works

  • Send us a picture of your natural thatch tiki-hut and the dimensions.

  • Our team of thatch project managers will quote the cost of replacing your palapa, tiki-hut, tiki-bar, and thatch roof with our premium 50-year lifespan long-lasting thatch roofing.

  • Our team will repair your hut, and reinforce it as needed to install your new thatch roofing materials.

  • We replace hundreds of these natural thatch palapas every year in Texas, and supply the rest of the world with the synthetic-thatch they need to do the same.

Replace my thatch hut - our waterproof 20-year warranty thatch is perfect for that! our team has installed over 200 converted projects from natural to synthetic.

We are the thatch replacement experts. 

My Thatch Roof Replacement Instructions and Guide
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World Leading Thatch Roof Replacement Specialists: We've Mastered The Art of Thatch Roof Replacement for Luxury Backyard Patios, and Tropical Resort Projects Worldwide. 

At My Thatch Roof in Frisco, Texas, we specialize in a wide range of thatch roofing services tailored to meet your needs. Whether you're looking for a reliable company to replace your thatch roof or need expert rethatching services for your tiki hut islands, our team is ready to assist with premium products. We offer synthetic thatch for tiki huts, providing a durable and zero-maintenance alternative to natural thatch. Our skilled professionals, known for their expertise in tiki hut thatching and thatch roofing, ensure top-quality service for your project. We handle everything from tiki hut roof repairs and eco-friendly thatch roof replacements to comprehensive professional thatch roofing solutions.

If you need a renovation or installation of artificial thatch roofs, we have you covered. Conveniently located in Frisco, we serve the Texas community, and international hotel projects with prompt thatch roof repairs and professional installations. For those transitioning from natural to synthetic thatch, we offer specialized solutions to make the switch seamless. Recognized as the world's leading thatch roofing company, we provide high-quality upgrade services for your thatch roof.

We carry durable thatch for tiki huts, luxury thatch roof replacements, and complete refurbishments to enhance your thatch roof. Our services are designed to be affordable, ensuring you get the best value with our roof restoration solutions. We also provide custom thatch roofing to meet your specific needs, backed by our reputation as top contractors in the field. Serving Texas and beyond, we offer high-performance thatch roofs and reliable replacements for tiki huts. Trust our professional team and synthetic thatch specialists to enhance your tiki hut with premium roofing solutions and facilitate a smooth transition from natural to synthetic thatch. Choose My Thatch Roof in North Texas for all your thatch roofing needs.

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replace your thatch roof material entirely with My Thatch Roof in Frisco - the worlds larg
synthetic thatch palapa made by my thatch roof for resort grade durability and backyard oa

Why Choose Synthetic Thatch When Replacing Your Roof?

  • Durability and Longevity: Our synthetic thatch is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, including intense sun, heavy rain, and strong winds. Enjoy a roof that lasts for decades without frequent repairs or replacements. 190 MPH winds, 100% waterproof thatch, U.V. rated, and fire-rated versions available. 

  • No Maintenance: Synthetic thatch requires zero upkeep. Say goodbye to issues like pests, mold, and decay that are common with natural thatch, and save money by switching to My Thatch Roof Artificial Alternative 

  • Eco-Friendly: Made from recycled materials, our synthetic thatch is an environmentally responsible choice that helps reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Authentic Appearance: Our synthetic thatch replicates the look and feel of natural thatch, providing an authentic aesthetic for any thatch structure. Available in various styles and colors to match your specific needs.

  • Cost-Effective: Save money in the long run with reduced maintenance and replacement costs. Benefit from the longevity and durability that natural thatch can't offer.


Our Thatch Replacement & Tiki-Hut Renovation Services

  • Thatch Roof Replacement: Specializing in replacing natural thatch with synthetic alternatives that offer superior performance and aesthetics.

  • Tiki Hut Renovation: Enhance your resort’s tiki huts with durable, attractive synthetic thatch that stands up to the elements.

  • Custom Thatch Solutions: Tailored thatch solutions for unique projects, ensuring your vision is brought to life with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.

  • Maintenance and Repair: With zero maintenance required, your synthetic thatch roof in perfect condition year-round.


Customers We Serve

  • Luxury Resorts and Hotels: Our synthetic thatch is perfect for creating the tropical, luxurious feel that guests expect in high-end resorts and hotels.

  • Residential Properties: Ideal for homeowners looking to upgrade their outdoor spaces with beautiful, low-maintenance thatch roofing.

  • Commercial Venues: Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your commercial property with durable, eye-catching synthetic thatch.

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Incredible craftsmanship and quality. Family run business and everyone was customer focuse


Mike Williams, Dubai

"Incredible craftsmanship and quality. Family run business and everyone was customer focused from start to finish. Will use again!"
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