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Top 5 Ways to Release Stress at Home

We all know stress is something many individuals deal on a daily basis. Instead of focusing on the negative:


Lets focus on the positive. Here are My Thatch Roof’s:



1. Trick Your Body Into Relaxing

Practice Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR). This one takes a little bit of patience but it REALLY works. Here's what you do:

Think of every single muscle in your body. Start from head to toe. Pay attention to even the tiniest muscles in your eyebrows and your cheeks, and tense every single muscle up for around 4-7 seconds, and then release and relax for 15-20 seconds. - Relax - After this exercise, your body should feel completely relaxed. Side note: PMR is great for people who have trouble falling to sleep and it’s a simple little technique to feel less tense. Keep in mind that this will relax you physically, not mentally, but this is a great way to start relieving that stress.

2. Brain Dump

Whip out a notebook and your favorite pen and start writing. For 5-10 minutes straight in a non-stop stream of consciousness. Let it all out. Forget punctuation, forget grammar, forget opinions, - just poor your heart out. You may be surprised with what’s hanging out in your subconscious mind. Don’t even critique what you wrote. This should be a soothing, and relieving experience. It takes all that junk in your mind, and lets you get rid of it. The trick to this is that a lot of the times, we have so much going on in our heads, and no outlet. This won't cure your conflicts, but I try it often, and it feels like letting out a deep breath. Something about finally getting all your thoughts on paper is super simple but therapeutic. 5-10 minutes. Give it a shot.

3. Exercise Can Be Fun

Sweat the stress away! Exercise is one of the top proven methods of releasing stress, the trick is to make it enjoyable. If hitting the weights and the treadmill isn’t your thing, try being creative - Hula hooping, swimming, and dancing around to the song “I spy” by KYLE for example. It’s a win-win. It’s good for your physical and mental health. The serotonin your body releases will give you a natural high, and you’ll be working on that killer beach bod!

4. Take A Musical Trip at Home

You’ve probably noticed that music can change your mood. Did you know it could also lower your heart rate and blood pressure? Make a collection of your favorite calming, and positive music. Lie on the floor or on your bed, close your eyes, and just float along with the music. Mentally submerge yourself. Classical, jazz, and in my case Ed Sheeran, are often credited with having calming properties. Give it a shot. One playlist with ten songs could change your entire day, and have a positive effect on your health.

5. Relaxing Spot

Create a spot in your home that is designed specifically for complete relaxation. There are a million ways to do it. Turn your closet into your own personal sanctuary with pillows, pictures that make you happy, your favorite book, good lighting, etc. Being outdoors is also a great way to disconnect from the stresses inside your head. Try putting your backyard to good use by creating an ambience that makes you feel like you're on vacation while at home. It's your own little getaway.


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