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There are many types of artificial thatch in the Market. We at MTR have worked with many of them over the years in different residential and commercial projects. Right here we will name and describe our top choices on premium synthetic thatch and the ones we recommend to our clients. There is palm thatch that will imitate the different shapes of palm leaves mostly used in tropics and there is thatch reed the will imitate the shapes of the grass reed used to thatch roofs in the countries of the northern and southern hemispheres MTR top pick for Palm Thatch are: Palmex Aloha and Rio Thatch


The Aloha and Rio thatch imitates the Coconut Palm tree leave or Royal Palm Leave 

which is elongated with a strong center stem, this type of trees are abundant in the coasts 

of the Caribbean and other tropical islands and was used by the aborigines to provide

shelter by folding them in half, binding them together and overlapping them from the

edge to the center of the Palapa or hut. Palmex-International came up with a patented 

design and railing system that has been improved and perfected over the years. As a

result, the installation of the Aloha thatch can be made on open frame structures by 

using a railing system that is not visible once installed and achieves a 100% waterproof 

installation. By screwing the thatch directly to the horizontal rafters of the structure it

gives that natural look of the Royal Palm leaves that can be appreciated from the outer

side of the structure and creates a natural looking ceiling underneath the structure. 

ALOHA thatch is the only type of thatch that is proven to be

100% waterproof and can be installed by using only the vertical rafters of the structure without the need of using horizontal

wooden battens to hold the thatch and achieving a simplistic natural look. This is the preferred choice of our clients, and the most recommended by us. 


The super imposed leaves will create pockets that allow for air circulation

minimizing the force of the wind over the roof. The Palmex thatch is

certified to withstand winds up to 170 MPH in accordance with


There are also Class C and Class A Fire Rated versions of the Aloha Rio

Synthetic Thatch The Rio thatch leaves are used for sub roof installation and

can be nailed or screwed directly on top of a solid wood or metal roof. This

king of installation is ideal for roof remodeling projects and is very popular

among the hotels and restaurant projects. Aloha Thatch Specs:


Open roof Installation max. rafter space 20" - 24".

Panel size 39" x 24" -100cm x 60cm. /72 panels per pack /24 rails per pack

Panel coverage= 1.2 ft2 -

Bundle coverage: 86 Sq. ft / 8 m2

Thermo formed polyethilene - waterproof - 20 year warranty


Rio Thatch Specs

:Sub roof installation

Panel size 39" x 24" -100cm x 60cm. /72 panels per pack

Panel coverage= 1.3 sq. ft. Bundle coverage: 96 Sq. ft / 9m2

Thermo formed polyethilene - waterproof - 20 year warranty

Accessories and Installation:

More About The Worlds Best Thatch 

What You Need To Know About Synthetic Thatch vs. Natural Thatch

How Synthetic Thatching Can Save You Money Within a 1-3 year Timespan

There are several Synthetic Thatch Products on the market that address the downfalls that come with natural thatch. Our industry leading Rio and Aloha Thatching was specifically designed to solve all of them. 

Its durability compared to natural thatch is what sets it most apart. Our Rio and Aloha Thatch comes with a 20 year warranty, is 100% waterproof, resistant to mold, does not tear apart, and will give you the peace of mind that comes with being absolutely maintenance free.


Beauty Has Its Costs

There are hundreds of natural thatch styles around the world perfect for the tropical Caribbean look. We only carry what we consider are the finest in the world. Although natural thatch does need replacing roughly every 2 years, its traditional look can only be matched by the Aloha and Rio Thatch. We carry and install natural thatch to taylor to those specific clients dedicated to the traditional style.


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