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My thatch roof luxury clients and notable brands we've sold to and use our synthetic thatc


We're pioneer distributors of the worlds finest selection of storm-rated synthetic thatch materials available today. Our unique location in Frisco, Texas allows us to affordably supply projects all over the world with our premium thatch.  Place an order online now for our 50-year lifespan state-of-the-art plastic thatch roofing, or call us for assistance from our team. We are the only thatch roof supplier with available in-stock pick-up directly from our shop, and world-wide shipping. See why our eco-friendly artificial thatch roof material is the preferred choice for architects, hotels and resorts, zoos, theme parks and every backyard oasis. 

Industry Leading Synthetic-Thatch Provider & Palapa Builders
The #1 Tropical Roofing Solution for all things thatch

With over 25-years leading the thatch-roofing industry, My Thatch Roof ensures your thatch-roof project is a success. We prevent large-scale thatch projects from using replicas, second-hand, and defective batches of synthetic thatching.
When you order from My Thatch Roof, we guarantee your thatch project utilizes inspected, and custom prepared 50-year lifespan, 20-year warranty, commercial-grade thatching used by the most recognized hospitality brands on earth. Our artificial palm leaves are available in regular and fire-retardant versions, and can be installed universally, on closed, or open-frame rafters. Our synthetic thatch bundles also come with personalized instructional videos for installation. Our thatch is in-stock in Texas, USA, and available to ship globally.

My Thatch Roof Award and Certification for Best in Industry Thatch



Our thatch has been tested and certified to withstand up to category 5 hurricane winds. How strong is our thatch? It resists up to 190 mph winds.


Our Thatch has zero waste production and is made with recycled material. Our thatch also removes the need for toxic-fumigation and maintenance.


Our fire retardant version of PLMX artificial thatch is fire-rated and independently tested by two laboratories in The U.S. and Canada.

100% Waterproof

Do you want the natural-thatch look from underneath? Our thatch requires no membrane. All versions are 100% water-proof when correctly installed.

Rot, & Mold Free

Our thatch offers full protection against mold, mildew, insects, and animals. It prevents bacterial growth, and guarantees, safe, and long-lasting thatch roofing.

20-Year Warranty

We've been installing thatch roof structures for over 20 years, and have tried every thatch material on the market. You will never have to replace our 20-year warranty thatch

U.V. Rated

The only 20-year warranty thatching with anti-color fade, and ultra-violet light protection. Experience an astonishing 15 degree temperature difference. underneath our structures.

Easy Installation

We are the only professional tropical roofing company that provides custom made video instructions for your thatch project.

Huge ROI

Traditional thatch roof palapas require maintenance and replacement. My thatch roof artificial thatch eliminates both of those.

50-Year Lifespan

20-Year Warranty Thatch


Patented Technology

Multi-color-fiber design

Fire retardant versions available

Zero Maintenance

Our thatch is 100% maintenance free, forever. Save on long-term costs by upgrading to My Thatch Roof.

Partnered with Vertima

Vertima specializes in creating the regulations and implementation of green construction specifications.

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My Thatch Roof® has led the water-proof thatch & synthetic palm-leaf industry since it's inception. In the past 25 years we've tried and tested dozens of synthetic thatch brands, and know, not all 20-year warranty thatch is made the same. Because perfecting the process took decades, many companies, including manufacturers, sell faulty or past-generation thatch still in inventory. My Thatch Roof eliminates that risk. Our state-of-the-art thatch is prepped meticulously in Frisco, TX before shipping, and sent with a step-by-step installation guide. We guarantee your thatch project is built with the worlds top-rated commercial grade materials available. As the world leaders in all things thatch, our customers trust us because we're reliable, and ensure their thatch project is a success from start to finish. Our award-winning customer service specialist are available to lead you through every step, no matter the scale.

We Specialize in Supplying Thatch Roof Projects with Premium Artificial-Thatching Surface Materials. 

worlds largest synthetic thatch distributors located in Frisco Texas with worldwide shippi
Synthetic Thatching material shipped anywhere in the world by My Thatch Roof in Frisco Tex

Industry Leading Artificial Thatch

resort approved products badge for My Thatch Roof in Frisco Premium Thatch & Palapa Compan
Synthetic Thatching material shipped anywhere in the world by My Thatch Roof in Frisco Tex


Synthetic Thatching material for large tiki-artificial thatch tropical  projects

My Thatch Roof PLMX synthetic thatch is designed to replicate the durability of plastic roof shingles, while resembling natural palm leaves found in tropical countries. Our high-quality synthetic thatch roof material has a 50-year lifespan and comes with a 20-year warranty, ensuring full and effective exterior coverage in all weather conditions.


Certified for extreme wind resistance and 100% waterproof without requiring an additional membrane, My Thatch Roof artificial thatch provides reliable protection. We also offer a fire-retardant option for added safety. Choose MTR for a maintenance-free, long-lasting solution and re-thatch your roof for the last time!

Synthetic Thatching material for large tiki-artificial thatch tropical  projects
  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Plastic Thatch

  • 100% Recyclable thatch roofing

  • Thermo-molded state of the art synthetic-palm leaf

  • Fire retardant version available for open frame and hard-roof  

  • U.V. Protection - up to 15 degrees cooler and non-fade material

  • Hail, wind, and water-resistant without additional membrane.

Unmatched Quality & Peace of Mind