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custom made tiki totem poles made in Frisco

Custom Hand-Made Palm Tiki Totem Poles: 

Get the Best Natural Palm Tiki Totem Poles Artistically carved and prepared in Frisco, Texas

At My Thatch Roof, we specialize in creating custom hand-made palm tiki totem poles, crafted with care and intention. These unique pieces are not only beautiful additions to any space but also hold deep historical and cultural significance.

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History of Tiki Totem Poles


Tiki totem poles have their roots in Polynesian culture, where they are considered sacred and powerful symbols. Traditionally, tiki figures represent deities, ancestors, and spirits that serve as protectors of a community. Each tiki totem pole is carved with intricate details, each symbolizing different aspects of life, nature, and spirituality.

The practice of creating tiki totem poles dates back thousands of years, with the Polynesians believing that these carvings held the power to ward off evil spirits and bring good fortune. The word "tiki" itself refers to the first human being created by the gods in Polynesian mythology. Over time, tiki totem poles became iconic representations of Polynesian art and culture, celebrated for their spiritual and protective qualities.


The Intention Behind Our Tiki Totem Poles

Our custom hand-made palm tiki totem poles are crafted with the same reverence and intention as the ancient Polynesian artisans. Each totem pole is designed to serve as a guardian, bringing a sense of protection and positive energy to your space. We pay close attention to the symbolism in each carving, ensuring that every tiki figure embodies the spirit of protection, strength, and harmony.


Craftsmanship and Customization

Our tiki totem poles are made from high-quality palm wood, hand-carved and finished by skilled artisans. We offer customization options to reflect your personal intentions and preferences, whether you want a traditional design or something unique that resonates with you.


Bringing a Tiki Totem Pole to Your Space

Adding a tiki totem pole to your home, garden, or commercial space not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also connects you to a rich cultural heritage. These totem poles are perfect for creating a focal point, adding a touch of tropical elegance, and infusing your environment with protective energy.


Contact Us

Explore our collection of custom hand-made palm tiki totem poles and discover how these powerful symbols can enhance your space. Contact My Thatch Roof today to discuss your custom design and bring the spirit of protection and positive energy into your life.

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Why Choose Our Custom Made Tiki Poles?

order the worlds best custom made tiki totem poles
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