Outdoor Patio Structures that make people happy

We believe everyone should have something to look forward to on the way home from work. We’re convinced that people deserve an oasis; somewhere to escape from their daily stresses. Most importantly, we believe in creating that sweet escape in the comfort of your home, because why should you have to wait for a vacation to be in paradise?

We aren't a company that buys to resale our products. Our outdoor structures are built from the ground up at our factory in Frisco Texas to meet your needs right when you order. Every single product was designed and engineered by our very own team and owners with you in mind. Our goal was to make an Outdoor Living Space that transports people to their favorite place in the world, because if you're anything like us, you love being in paradise. 

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Tiki bar in frísco texas

This custom cedar tiki bar belongs to a happy family in Frisco Texas. It was made to order to fit perfectly on their concrete slab. Did you take a look at the sign post right beside it? 

roof cover in frísco texas

Its bigger than it looks. Unless it looks huge to you, then its exactly what it looks like. This covered structure was built, and thatched here in North Dallas. 

pool cabana in dallas Texas


This sunken bar was thatched over with our signature synthetic thatch, placed on top of a custom built cedar frame in Dallas Texas. 

Outdoor Patio Structures

recent Patio cover creations in north TEXAS

Located in the heart of North Dallas, we have the luxury of being able to bring a slice of the Caribbean to backyards all over the country. We manufacture and custom build unique backyard pool structures, synthetic thatch umbrellas, cabanas, tiki bars, outdoor showers, patio covers, arbors, pergolas, gazebos and much more. Our structures and products are proudly manufactured in the USA, and always will be. 

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mythatchroof in Frisco, TX on Houzz

thatch umbrella -palapa

Our outdoor structures come in a million different varieties but all bring with them the same feel-good vibes. We like the lighting the Atkins family added to theirs.


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Patio Covers