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My Thatch Roof in Frisco Texas




Mis clientes de lujo con techos de paja y marcas notables a las que les hemos vendido y utilizan nuestra paja sintética.
My Thatch Roof About Us Frisco Texas

How A Texas Business Became The Top Choice For Synthetic Thatching Materials Globally. 

Our History

My Thatch Roof started in the mind, and garage, of our beach-loving founder over two decades ago. Our mission was to create synthetic thatch-roof products so superior to what exists, it would be impossible for hotels and resorts around the world to not use our palapas and cabanas. With that goal in mind, prototype after prototype, we perfected our process. With the help of engineers, and incredible attention to detail, we curated and designed the world's leading thatch structure outdoor furniture on the planet. With the help of SEO, visiting resorts in person, trade-shows, joining associations, and opening a showroom and palapa factory in Frisco, Texas, our thatch projects slowly began getting larger, proving our products were worthy of the most luxurious tropical destinations, and recognizable brands on the planet. Our dream started in Texas Patio's. Our favorite customers are often those who because they're far away from the beach, appreciate our thatch roof products ability to create an oasis anywhere. 

After 25 years in business with a 5-star rating, we understand what other companies in our industry do not. Customer service is, and always will be My Thatch Roof's top priority, after ensuring we continuously improve technology. Our biggest obstacle is our need to educate our customer on our thatch. It's hard to believe it's synthetic, with a 20-year warranty, 100% waterproof without a membrane, and requires zero maintenance. It's hard to believe we hand select every piece of wood used on our structures, sand, stain, pre-cut, and pre-assemble your structure in our shop, prior to packaging and delivery. it's hard to believe we ship gigantic thatch structures overseas in crates, and provide our customers with personalized assembly instructions. It's especially hard to believe we work with engineers and architects to design our thatch roof umbrellas and cabanas into their projects, and even travel to install thatch if the customer needs a thatch roof specialist team on site. We've spent the last two decades perfecting the building and thatch installation process so you don't have to. We've ran every test under the sun on every synthetic thatch roofing material on the market, and guarantee ours with a 50-year lifespan. These are the things that made My Thatch Roof, a family owned and operated dream, the number one company globally for supplying thatch project products.  

Let’s Work Together

My Thatch Roof in Frisco Texas
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