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  • 5-Gallons
  • 35-40 lbs 
  • Extended Durability 
  • Patio, Deck, Fence & Palapa Stain 
  • Crude Oil Based - Made in Texas 
  • Gray Away Bakers Distributor in Frisco, Texas
  • Available for Pick-Up
  • Mon-Fri 9am - 6pm


My Thatch Roof Deck and Patio Crude Oil Stain is the ultimate solution for protecting and enhancing the natural beauty of wood used in patios, fences, palapas, and other exterior wooden structures. This professional-grade penetrating oil finish preserves the natural wood color, repels water, and extends wood life by providing a mold, mildew, and fungus-resistant barrier. The pigmented stain formula prevents graying and weathering, ensuring your wood projects stay beautiful for years.


Perfect for cedar roofs (shakes and shingles), fences, decks, log homes, cabins, siding, spas, gazebos, arbors, cedar, redwood, pine, and other exterior wood, My Thatch Roof Deck and Patio Crude Oil Stain is available in a wide variety of rich natural colors. Its specially formulated penetrating oil contains powerful UV light absorbers, mildewcides, pigments, resins, and water repellents, offering superior color retention without film build-up.


Favored by professional contractors for deck staining and sealing, fence staining and sealing, cedar shakes and siding, and log homes, My Thatch Roof Deck and Patio Crude Oil Stain provides unmatched protection and longevity. Easy maintenance makes it ideal for homeowners and contractors alike. Available in a great selection of fence and deck stain colors to suit all tastes, My Thatch Roof Deck and Patio Crude Oil Stain ensures your outdoor wooden projects remain stunning and durable. This is the stain you want to use to revive your backyard patio cover. 


For application instructions, cleaning tips, and more, call us. Choose My Thatch Roof Deck and Patio Crude Oil Stain for all your exterior wood staining and sealing needs and enjoy long-lasting beauty and protection. Made in Texas.

My Thatch Roof Crude Oil Based Stain for Decking, Palapas, Fencing, and more

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